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OPERAeuropese unie logo

The OPERA project fits into the mission and scope of the H2020 ICT workplan for 2014 and 2015 aspiring to the European leadership in industrial technologies for the Ultra-Low Power computing devices and sensors enabling an ecosystem of heterogeneous devices and small form factor datacenters.
OPERA’s vision is to deliver innovation on highly parallel, heterogeneous, reliable, low power, and secure
systems leveraging both low power server-class processors and reconfigurable devices. While the former provide energy
efficient processing power for the majority of the workloads, the latter offer the possibility of customizing and adapting
hardware solutions over time to specific needs. The targets of innovation in OPERA are next generation LP servers and
highly parallel embedded computer systems based on ULP architectures. Adopting a mechanism for selecting the best
processing element for a specific task is fundamental for achieving good levels in energy efficiency. OPERA aims at
exploiting such kind of mechanisms to orchestrate both general-purpose and reconfigurable devices. The OPERA vision is to
integrate ULP smart devices into a platform that uses next-generation LP servers to remotely process the data and offering
cloud-based services. OPERA’s added value to the project is the validation of the technological solutions on three different real-life workloads usecases.
By integrating and optimizing computing systems for energy efficiency at different levels of the computing continuum,
OPERA envisages the creation of big opportunities for Europe.



SURFsara is the Dutch national high-performance computing and e-Science support center. SURFsara offers a full range of services, expertise and support in the field of high-performance computing (HPC), data services, visualisation, e-Science support, cloud services and networking. SURFsara is located at the Amsterdam Science Park. SURFsara supports research in the Netherlands by developing and offering advanced and sustainable ICT infrastructure, services and expertise. SURFsara’s services and infrastructure are necessary for top-level research and innovation.

For SURFsara Certios has researched the actual situation in several datacenters. These scan will act as a benchmark for the KUBUS project. This project is a colaboration between several higher educational institutions in The Netherlands. Together, these public organizations aim for a better environmental friendly way of procuring remote data processing and storage facilities and services.

EURECAeuropese unie logo

The EURECA project is a new EU commission funded project which is designed to provide tailored solutions to help identify the cost saving opportunities whilst signposting the environmental impact of procurement choices. Amid growing concerns of increased energy consumption and the related environmental impact of IT and data centre facilities the Public Sector is moving to ever more digitisation and e-services to reduce costs under even tighter budgetary constraints.

AIMES Grid ServicesCert_logoAimes

AIMES has asked Certios to help prepare their datacenter to be able to apply for the DCA datacenter certification.

AIMES Grid Services is an innovation-led technology company that provides Data Centre, Cloud and Business Continuity services to clients in a range of industries, including the financial, digital and creative, biotech, automotive and professional services sectors.

AIMES’s Michael Walker (l.) receives the DCA certification ftrom DCA’s Peter Higgs (r.).


OUOpen University Heerlen

The Open University of the Netherlands is an independent government-funded institute for distance learning at university level. The majority of the courses and programmes is in Dutch.

The Open University of Heerlen (Netherlands) assigned Certios to scan their datacenters to see the potential for saving energy. Certios made the scan and assessment, presented the results and evaluated the existing refit plans and drawings.

PEDCA Pan European Data Centre Academyeuropese unie logo

The PEDCA project was assigned to 13 beneficiaries in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, to deliver a EU wide datacenter alliance and “academy”. This alliance was established as a foundation to implement a Joint Action Plan for the datacenter industry. It has:

  • leveraged the expertise and skills from Europe’s three main data centre “hotspots”
  • Widened participation across EU- share knowledge and experience to new European markets
  • Identified and validated the research requirements of the data centre industry
  • Developed an independent sustainable research platform
  • Identified and validated the skills & training requirements of the data centre industry


TU EindhovenEindhoven University of Technology

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specializing in engineering science & technology. With advanced quality research, the university contributes to the progress of technical sciences and thus the development of technological innovations.

Certios researched the possibilities for the datacenters at the TU/e. Alternatives were presented to the stakeholders and the management chose for outsourcing its datacenters. Certios contributed to the combined tender process of the Summa College and City of Eindhoven.

logo rijnlandDistrict water board of Rijnland

The Hoogheemraadschap van Rijnland (HHR) is a district water board in the Netherlands. HHR ensures clean water and dry feet. District water boards are local governmental organisations that could be compared with provinces and local councils. HHR works in two provinces: North Holland and South Holland. The Rijnland area stretches from Wassenaar up to IJmuiden and from Gouda to and including part of Amsterdam. This area covers 1,100 square kilometres. 1.3 million people live, work, travel and enjoy leisure activities here.

Certios researched and created a working disaster recovery site for HHR’s most critical ICT applications.

HUHU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

The HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht provides education and conducts research. The HU trains future professionals who are highly in demand in the labour market and are inextricably tied to the Utrecht region. The link between education, research, and the professional world enhances HU’s regional impact.

Certios created a ICT curriculum and delivers faculty to teach since early 2014.

omgevingsdienst logoOmgevingsdienst NZKG

The Omgevingsdienst NZKL in The Netherlands, issues environmental permits for 20 different municipalities and 3 Dutch provinces. It monitors organizations whether these compliy with environmental laws, construction safety, infrastructure and land.

Certios has carried out a research project to find and define indicators for assessing the energy efficiency of datacenter racks and their contents, and define potential for improvements.

delflandlogo Delfland Water Authority

The Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland (HHD) is a district water board in the Netherlands. HHD ensures clean water and dry feet. District water boards are local governmental organisations that could be compared with provinces and local councils. The area in which HHD operates is bordered by the North Sea, the Nieuwe Waterweg and the Berkel en Rodenrijs line, Zoetermeer and Wassenaar.On an area of 41,000 hectares, about 1.4 million people live and work, and approximately 40,000 businesses are established. This makes the HHD region one of the most densely populated and most highly industrialized areas of the Netherlands.

Certios has been responsible for several projects for HHD. Researched strategies for remote data processing and storage, wrote tenders for datacenters, executed the actual relocation of datacenters.

gem LeeuwardenMunicipality of Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden, a city of about 92.000 inhabitants, is the capital of the province of Frysland situated in the north of the Netherlands. It is the center of financial services in the north of the Netherlands and an important agro- and nutri-business-complex. Leeuwarden is the centre for (semi) government, education and health care.

Certios has given the Municipality of Leeuwarden decision making input, during the planning phase of a running project to relocate their datacenter.

interaccess logoInteraccess

SLTN Interaccess is specialized in taking care of ICT infrastructures for their customers; architecture, integration and migration, managed services, cloud services, etc.

Certios has given Interaccess advice for a tender for a very environmental sustainable datacenter.

gem AmsterdamMunicipality of Amsterdam

The municipality’s territory covers the city of Amsterdam as well as a number of small towns. The city of Amsterdam is also part of several functional forms of regional government. These include the Water board of Amstel, Gooi en Vecht, which is responsible for water management, and the City Region of Amsterdam, which has responsibilities in the areas of spatial planning and public transport.

Certios was assigned the project lead in several projects like: a hardware procurement (tender) project for Amsterdam datacenter, designing and building a green datacenter under the city hall of Amsterdam (movie)