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Our Mission

cerios-three-arrows-in-target-mICT targets to improve organizations by making work processes easier or even automated, fault redundant, reduce risks, improve continuity, reduce costs, etc.

ICT data, how to process data, how and where to store it is a very important strategic issue for all organizations.

It is our mission to offer advice, solutions and implementations that help to improve the organization of remote data processing and data storage.

This means that we improve:

  1. all aspects and issues that are related to the enterprise (in-house) datacenters
  2. the remote data processing and storage that organizations have outsourced to third parties (cloud services, co-location, on line backup, storage).

We help to improve the organization of remote data processing and data storage by:

  • comparing different alternatives
  • facilitate decision making
  • reducing operational and capital costs
  • reducing energy use and waste
  • improve continuity and redundancy
  • increase safety and security
  • respect legal aspects
  • apply standards and regulations
  • increase awareness of technical developments
  • improve datacenter organization
  • building clear business cases
  • writing tenders

The strong growth of, and society’s dependency on good ICT infrastructure is the reason why Certios wants to participate in building solutions by actively taking parts in networks, international alliances and European research.

To actively participate in the European Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency and carrying out its best practises enables Certios to execute its mission.